Mischa Zara



Hello there! I'm Mischa Zara, one of the most unique companions you may find.

I am a highly-educated and sensual courtesan who delights in stimulating on both the mental and physical planes.
If you are a discerning gentleman who is intrigued and fulfilled by more than just a pretty face, you will absolutely savor spending time with me - as will I, with you.

I am so pleased you are taking the time to get to know me, and look forward to our interludes of escapist bliss. :)


Hi there! :) You may call me Mischa. If you are the sort of discerning gentleman who values cerebral qualities as much as the corporal then you will undoubtedly  be surprised and delighted by me, as I am perhaps a bit of an anomaly in the realm of Sensual companionship. I am a recent Ph.D. graduate in a science field, intelligent and immensely well-educated on a variety of topics well beyond my immediate degree. I have much to offer beyond that of the sensorial  - a true courtesan, in the classical sense of the term.

I am a witty  entertaining conversationalist, a clever banterer, and enjoy a range of topics including technology, all areas of science, medical, finance, business,  entrepreneurship, arts, and more. My hobbies include solo travel to exotic locales, music, art, learning, cultural activities, and gastronomy, to name a few. In addition to exceptional command of the English language, I have taken a year each of courses in Spanish and German.  I might be considered something of a Renaissance woman, my personality is one of youthful energy , sweet, gentle, sophisticated, and poised in demeanor. I am friendly and polite, incredibly down to earth and easy to connect with.  The sensual synergy of our meetings will flow naturally, and you will find that I innately enjoy pleasing others.  My passionate and alluring qualities  make me something of a muse, the sort that lingers on in your memory long after our trysts.

In addition to my intellectual gifts, I have also been described physically as gorgeous, having a feminine curvy/hourglass figure, and possessing exotic features like my huge, seductive almond-shaped eyes (my very diverse heritage is English, Eastern European, and Persian).

I savor the company and intimate liaisons of intellectual, worldly, and interesting men. I find the masculine traits that enable their success to be admirable and extremely attractive (and like you, I also enjoy the company of beautiful women!) I find the escapism and fantasy of our time together to be exhilarating.

I am looking forward to meeting you, and delight at that thought of being your new paramour. :)



New York City

1hr  in-call $500  
90min  Incall $750  
2hrs  Incall $950  
3hrs  Incall $1,400  
Overnight  Incall-Outcall  $2,600  

Please note that there is a $50.00 fee for all outcalls.

1hr Incall $500  
90min Incall $750  
2hrs Incall $950  
3hrs Incall $1,400  

Wish List

Although the best gift you could possibly give me is that of your company, I have created a wish list for gentlemen who insist on spoiling me on special occasions.
-I love flowers of all kinds, particularly exotic blossoms like orchids.
-Gourmet chocolate is always welcome.
-My favorite foods include sushi, Thai, and other exotic cuisines.
-My favorite drinks are nigori sake and white wines.
-My dress, shoe and undergarment sizes are: dress size 3, size 8 shoe, 32C bra and small panties.
-I love to shop, especially at Sephora and Amazon (gift cards to these would be appreciated!), or high-end clothing boutiques.
-One can never have too much lingerie, and I often find myself replenishing my drawers at Agent Provocateur or Victoria’s Secret.
-I love jewelry; my favorite tones are rose gold and platinum.
-I love to have a variety of nice perfumes and lotions for different occasions.
Those are all gift ideas, but of course I will have gratitude for any sort of gift. :)

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